My Beautiful Letters

to my beautiful daughters!

Magic Carpets and Capabilities

Dannie Girl,

You are capable!

You are capable of just about anything you set your mind to. Your creativity is out of this world and your intelligence is astoundingly insightful. There isn’t anything you can’t do!

It seems as though you could breeze through life on a magic carpet with an easy button on autopilot. However, even magic carpets get unraveled from time to time. And, your ride has seemed to hit a few snags along the way. When we are so focused on what is ahead of us, we tend to forget our present challenges. Sometimes, those hurdles seem so huge that we find ourselves dreaming of what we want instead of tackling the problem head on.

To succeed in life, we must pause in our dreams to confront those pesky obstacles and mend our carpet. Without taking time to apply ourselves to our own challenges, it will become that much more difficult to reach our dreams, and it will take that much longer to achieve success.

Remember, what seems like a difficult and frustrating time will be over before you know it. Tackle those problems head on, And you will soon be back on that magic carpet soaring high above the trees and beyond your dreams.



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Capable of Moving On

My Dearest Laura Loo,

You are Capable!

How do I help you in this phase of your life? I don’t know. The transition to adulthood is not an easy one, and you are struggling to let go of your childhood. I see it every day. I was most proud of you when you accomplished the monumental task of graduating from high school. You worked hard to accomplish the goals that you had set out for yourself.

Don’t let fear take over your life. You are capable and able to tackle anything that comes your way. To succeed in life, you must first conquer your fears. When you feel your belly take a nose dive, recognize your fear. Then, say to yourself, “I will not allow this fear to control my life.” Once you have reaffirmed that you are in control, there won’t be anything you can’t do!

Be strong. One day, you will be ready to move out on your own. The benefits of having your own place far outrank the cramped style of living under your parents’ rules in a tiny bedroom that you are quickly outgrowing. And, when you are ready, I will be there to help you transition into your new home; a place you can call your own. We will go shopping together to get the things that you need, and Dad and I will visit you in your new place often.

My hope for you is that, when the day comes, your fears will vanish. In the meantime, focus on your goals and “one day” will be hear sooner than you might think.



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