My Beautiful Letters

to my beautiful daughters!

A Warm-Hearted Smile

Dear Laura,

You are Full of Smiles!

Do you know that every time I glance your way, you have a smile just waiting to break out?

It’s true!

YHPIM3125ou, my dear, are full of smiles!!  This is such a pleasant trait to have.  A person who smiles often can change the world around her.  Every one will get to know you as the kind-hearted young woman who always has a smile; no matter how gloomy the day may appear.  And, one can’t help but to smile back when they glance your way.

Cherish your smile.  It makes you shine and shows your beauty.  And, give it freely.  It is a gift that you can give the world, and the only consequence that comes from your smile is when you receive one in return.

Smile often, my dear!




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Intelligence and the Path to Success

Dear Danielle,

You are Intelligent!

Ever since I have known you, the sky has been your limit.  At first, you wanted to be a singer/song writer when you grew up.  Then, it was a fashion designer, a music director, a nurse, and a medical assistant.  And, now you want to be a doctor!

Recently, you have awed me with your intelligence.  You pulled your daddy aside and began learning everything there is to learn about the medical field so that you can become a medical doctor.  By digging out your note cards and writing down your medical terminology, you have become determined to succeed in this new endeavor.  Not many people know what Lithiasis means.  Especially a 13 year-old!

This year, you are taking two high school credits in the 8th grade and have sacrificed Choir to do so.  In addition, you are looking forward to duel enrollment with the local college when you are in high school.  Keep focused on your studies, and power through those difficult times every teenager faces in their life.  When you work hard at it, all of your sacrifices will lead you to success, and you will see your dreams come true!

0320195819You have always been an intelligent young lady, and your world is your oyster with many choices for a career.  I have confidence in you to seek out whatever dream you want to obtain.  And, I know that you will strive to succeed in those dreams.  In the meantime, Daddy and I will be with you every step of the way.




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