My Beautiful Letters

to my beautiful daughters!

Changing for the Better!

Dear Danielle,

You are Changing…


Proud Mommy/Daughter Moment: We worked on this one together!

…for the better!  Your personality shines bright and you are going out of your way to help Dad and me with things that are beyond your chore chart.

You have made such amazing strides to better yourself and be a good person.  I couldn’t be more proud.  Soon, the tough part of your life will be over.  And, an exciting new adventure awaits your presence.

Remember that you are valuable and loved far beyond what you know.  We love having you for a daughter, and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Love always,



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A Radiant Beauty

Dear Laura,

You are Radiant!


This is NOT the dress she chose. But, doesn’t she look lovely in this dress, too?

When we went dress-shopping for your homecoming dance, you just glowed!  You were so happy to participate in this stage of your life that you were radiant.

You are beautiful in so many ways, and your confidence is shining through when you take a chance and choose things that make you happy.  Always, choose what is right for you, and never choose what makes others happy.  Your happiness is most important to you, and you will shine with the decisions that you make.

Remember how you felt when you found the right dress?  Write about it in your journal.  Years from now, when you read that entry, you will smile and remember your radiance.  Shine bright, my love!




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