My Beautiful Letters

to my beautiful daughters!

The Amazing Laura Loo!

Dear Laura,

You are Amazing!

Each and every day you amaze me.  You have come a long way since you became a part of our household nearly two years ago.  And, not a day goes by without me being amazed by you!

IMG007It wasn’t an easy journey, but you have learned many attributes that you apply to your daily life.  Each of these attributes will help you succeed with your dreams and goals.  You have learned how to be assertive; gaining self-confidence to stand up to others who have criticized you.  You have learned to speak up and ask for what you want; a lesson that teaches you to go and get what you crave for in life.  And, you have learned self-sufficiency; attaining knowledge on your own with little help from others.

I love it when you tell me, “No, mom.  I’ve got this!”  It brings tears to my eyes knowing that in life you have “got this,” and you will do just fine on your own one day.  But, for now, keep plugging away at your studies, learn everything you need to know about working with animals, and soon you will be walking down that aisle with the rest of your class and earning your diploma.

I love you, Laura Loo.  You are truly amazing!





The Importance of a Volunteer

Dear Danielle,

You are Important!

Some days we get so busy that we tend to forget our value to others.  Today, I am here to remind you that you are important; to me, to your father, to the rest of your family and to your friends!

Not a day goes by without the importance of you gracing my mind.  Did you know that when Daddy and I go on date nights that we talk about you and how important you are to us?  Or, that we talk about your accomplishments and what you may choose for your life’s path?  We even discuss ways to better improve your life.

Photo_070310_002Did you know that you are also important to the church?  Your contributions during the soup kitchens and the homeless refuge were very well appreciated by those who suffer the most at this time.  They enjoyed your bright smile, bubbly laughter, and engaging spirit.  Even if for a moment, we could share a part of ourselves with others is enough to give them a spark of hope for their futures.  And, you were just the person they needed at this time in their lives.

As a teenager, you may be struggling with strong emotions at times, but know that this phase in your life will pass.  Doing good deeds to help others will improve your mood and validate the importance of you.

I love you, Dannie Girl!




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